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Smith and Franklin - Publishing Principles

Smith and Franklin is committed to disseminating high-quality scientific research in a manner that exemplifies the best of scholarly publishing. We are committed to the following core principles and apply them to every one of our books:
Exemplary Editors
Smith and Franklin book editors are leading researchers in their fields. Editors are selected based on their expertise, scientific impact and track record. Smith and Franklin aim for diverse editorial composition and we believe this positions us positively to respond the challenges faced by the millions scientists around the globe.
Targeted Manuscript Solicitation
Prospective authors with previously published work in a related field are contacted and invited to submit chapter proposals. Authors who have previously published on related topics with Smith and Franklin may also be invited. The invited contributor’s publishing history, the quality of the sources where his/her research has previously been published, and the relevance and impact of these past publications are some of the key criteria we use during the selection process.
Smith and Franklin strive to maintain a high standard of integrity in its publishing operations by espousing these principles.